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Now that you’ve found your perfect getaway location, why don’t make it memorable with some authentic local experiences? We can arrange for you a number of different activities, both in the property and outside. Here’s a selection of what you can do in the Tuscan hillside. Do you have something specific in mind? Come speak to us and we’ll see if we can make it happen…

At Podere San Giorgio each apartment comes with a fully furnished and spacious kitchen, social cornerstone of the home. Why not use it to learn new cooking skills?

An expert cook from the area will take over the kitchen to teach you how to make delicious local dishes, tricks and tips for the perfect fresh pasta or the recipe for jams and preserves. Exactly what you need to amaze friends and family at the next dinner party.




Any Tuscan holiday can’t be complete without a premium local wine tasting. Fattoria Fibbiano goes a step further: the chance of visiting the very heart of wine production. From the vineyards to the cellar, going through the barrique cellar and the farmhouse, their experts will guide you on a journey of the history and the production, ending in the tasting hall, where you can enjoy 5 different local qualities together with the best cold meats and cheeses from the region.


If you’re longing for some time immersed in nature, horseback riding is definitely what you’re looking for. The hikes are bespoke on the interests and expertise of each group. Either you’re a skilled rider or a first-timer, if you prefer the beauty of natural landscapes or are more interested in historical and artistic heritage, the guides from Arianna and Friends will lead you on a memorable route.

And many more…

Feeling more artsy? Why don’t try a painting class. Want to feel the wind on your face? Join a Vespa tour. Come to reception or drop us a line to learn what we can arrange for you.