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Tuscany has always been associated with high-quality food and wine paired with breathtaking views, and Palaia certainly exceeds expectations. 

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La Strada del Vino - The Wine Way

Palaia belongs to the area called Valdera, named after the river Era that runs among its hills, that is on the route of La Strada del Vino delle Colline Pisane, the association of companies and local organisations that promotes the excellence of the territory. This enticing itinerary starts from San Miniato and ends up in Val di Cecina, giving visitors the chance to visit the winemakers, take tours of the vineyards and cellars and taste their best selection of wines. 

There are many different varieties of grapes that grow in this territory: from reds, like Merlot, Syrah, Chianti Superiore D.O.C.G., to whites, like Trebbiano, San Colombano, Chardonnay Sauvignon, all the way to rosè and spumanti from Sangiovese Rosè Millesimato

The Route of Olive Oil

The crown jewel of Palaia’s landscape and cultural heritage is indisputably the extra virgin olive oil, produced from the olives harvested each autumn from the olive groves that cover the hills of the Valdera. This yellow gold for centuries has been the staple of the agricultural economy that fueled this territory, and still to this day, it is considered one of the excellences of modern Tuscan production, boasting high-quality organic crops I.G.P. and D.O.C.G. certifications.

 Il tartufo

Speaking of culinary excellence, we cannot forget the truffles, abundant on the hills around Palaia, thanks to the quality of the soil and the weather, above all, the Tartufo Bianco Pregiato.

To certify the origin and quality of local truffles, the University of Pisa recently created the ID Card of Tuber Magantum Picum - latin name of white truffles - and of the Bianchetto or Marzuolo quality. 

If you’re visiting in the autumn, make sure you pay a visit to San Miniato’s Truffle Fair, where this product it’s celebrated in all its varieties and recipes, together with other local delicacies. 

Completing the menu of gourmet food and wine menu are the high-quality charcuterie, the honey, the liquors, and the spirits, all produced locally.