Podere San Giorgio

At the cross of the ridge road that connects Palaia, Montefoscoli e Tojano, on the top of a tufaceous hill, there’s the grounds of the church of  San Giorgio a Scandiccio. The estate includes the romanic church, the main villa and the old barn, surrounded by forty hectares, almost 99 acres, of olive trees, oleander and fruit trees in the heart of the Valdera. Immersed in the quiet of the valley, the Podere boats a stunning view on the adjacent hills and a fascinating history. The church is known from 1296, as a branch of the one in Tojano. The romanic fashion is recognisable in the exposed wall textures and in the rear single-lancet window aligned with the western entrance, whereas other characteristics of that style, like pilasters and lozenges, are absent, probably due to its rural nature.

For its strategic location, the estate of San Giorgio has been involved in the historical rivalry between Pisa and Florence. Its ownership has been disputed for the entire 1400, to end up officially into the assets of Monastero di Santa Brigida of Pian di Ripoli, known as “al Paradiso” , literally “at the Paradise”.

The Podere was a precious possession, formed by 12 plots of farmed land, with olive groves, orchards and vineyards, that yield to the Monastery a conspicuous return.

Around the middle of 1700s, the Monastery is attached to the Bonifazio hospital, first, and later to the Regio di Santa Maria Nuova of Florence one. We don’t know for sure the fate of San Giorgio until the 1822, when the ownership is in the hands of Lorenzo Sanetti of Palaia, importante landowner of Valdera.