Food & Wine

Tuscany has alway been synonym of quality food and beverage products and, even in this case, the Palaia territory lives up to the expectations.

As soon as arrived, the eye is struck by the geometries of the crops, the neat rows of the vineyards and the majesty of the olive groves, which make us already grasp the refined quality of the local products.

Valdera is in the itinerary of The Wine Route of Pisan Hills, the association of businesses and organisations that promotes local excellencies, starting in San Miniato and ending in Val di Cecina. A fascinating route for the wine lovers, that offers the chance of visiting the wineries, discovering their secrets and enjoying their produce. On the website you can find the affiliated companies, choose your prefered way and book.

The territory is home to a wide range of grape qualities, like Merlot, Syrah, Chianti Superiore D.O.C.G. for the red wines and Trebbiano, San Colombano and Chardonnay for the whites, and different rose’ and sparkling from the Sangiovese Rose.

The lead role of the landscape and culture of Palaia is undoubtedly the extra-virgin olive oil,  for centuries the main resource of agricultural economy of the territory and still today the crown jewel of the district production.

The Consorzio Produttori Olio delle Colline Pisane, the associations of Pisan olive oil producers, guarantees the quality of the organic crops and certification I.G.P. and D.O.C.G. In October, strolling on the hills, you can see families and contractors busy picking up olives and bringing them to close by mills for the cold pressing process.

Speaking of food delicacies, we cannot forget the truffle, that, thanks to specific soil and weather, is abundant in the woods around Palaia, especially the white truffle. To guarantee the origin and the quality of local truffles, Pisa University recently created the Identity Card of Tuber Magantum Picum (latin name for white truffles) and the  Bianchetto or Marzuolo.

If you’re around in autumn, you can’t miss out the Mostra Mercato in Forcoli, where truffle is celebrated in all its forms and recipes, together with other local goodies.

Liquor and spirits, honey, high-quality charcuterie and snail farming complete the picture of food and wine excellences.